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Prof. Dr. Kirsten Nazarkiewicz
Gesa Krämer
Holger Finke

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For 25 years, “consilia cct – create culture together” has stood for the joint shaping of cultures, relationships and change. We specialize in teaching and generating intercultural competencies for employees, teams and organizations. In doing so, we accompany individuals in their professional and personal development in the digitalized, globalized world. Come and benefit from our experience in teaching culturally reflective skills that will enable you to face today’s complex challenges. We will provide you with the resources to deal with them successfully.


Today, we all face great challenges, both at work and in private. Our coaching therefore focuses on supporting people shape the following helpful qualities:

  • Orientation
  • Touch points
  • Scope
  • Stability
  • Impact
Touch points


Living in highly complex and dynamic work environments and diverse personal contexts requires opening up to multiple perspectives.

Touch points

Multilayered networking and general acceleration makes it vital to be able to experience and enable points of contact.


Shaping the future successfully requires recognizing and using existing latitude and scoping out additional ‘wiggle space’.


Dissolving structures, norms and hierarchies creates a growing need for personal resources and inner stability.


Achieving set goals sustainably requires identifying and implementing measures that have a lasting impact.













Practical examples

The topics below have been covered in different formats: coaching, training, consulting, facilitation, projects or processes.

Interculturality and digitality

  • Successful virtual teamwork in multicultural teams
  • Virtual leadership – Effective leadership at a distance
  • Onboarding and integration of employees with heterogeneous backgrounds
  • Feedbacks and conversations with heterogeneous employees
  • Intercultural competencies for global working
  • Intercultural competence for working and living with the (Germans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, US-Americans, South Americans...)
  • Médiation des groupes des ingènieures internationales
  • Fit for global service: customer service, customer retention – international
  • Working abroad
  • Peculiarities of intercultural communication


  • Effective online learning design (e-learning, blended learning, virtual classroom, webinars)
  • Integración en el entorno pedagógico en Alemania
  • Online didactics for technical trainers working internationally
  • Conceptualizing (blended) learning formats
  • Education and advanced training in (online) learning support (Basic, Advanced, Expert)
  • Train the (intercultural) trainer, Train the intercultural coach
  • Intercultural competence for teaching and pedagogy


  • Dealing with bullying in educational settings
  • Learning nugget on "Lessons learned – Covid in training": Psychosocial online support in times of Covid
  • Conflict management in (multicultural) teams
  • “Keeping calm” – stress management, relaxation and sleep
  • Self- and time management in scientific projects
  • Trauma-oriented pedagogy
  • Resilience & serenity

Support for organizations and teams

  • Developing mission statements for organizations, professional profiles, sustainable development
  • Strategic team alignment and development
  • Facilitating large group events (Bar Camp, Marketplace and Parcours formats, Dynamic Facilitation, World Café, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Conference)
  • Developing an internal academy
  • Implementing the Diversity Charter
  • "Not on our watch!" – anti-discrimination and anti-racism
  • Agile methods for teamwork (Scrum, Kanban, Retros, Stand-ups...)

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