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To repair a water line in a building sustainably requires a range of experts. No difference with cultures and communication: we know what matters (culturally) when it comes to diversity, interculturality, virtuality and digitality.

Coaching is the systematic and goal-oriented work of partners over a mutually agreed, limited period of time, so that you experience development and feel strengthened.

…means working in an impartial manner. We direct the process on the factual, and relationship level in small and large group formats. That enables a climate of cooperativeness to generate new knowledge together and produce results through synergy.

You often need everything at once: workshop facilitation with mediation, supplemented by training as well as selective consulting with subsequent individual coaching. We combine expertise and services and support projects all the way, including administration, to achieve your desired goals.

…has many meanings: conveying knowledge, arbitrating, conciliating, connecting, translating, calming down, intervening, reaching an agreement... We impart knowledge in workshops, trainings or in interactive lectures – also to multipliers. And we mediate in conflicts.

A great deal of knowledge is publicly available and easily accessible today. We know the appropriate sources, make information relatable and practicable to implement concepts and plans sustainably at the end of the day.

In doing so, we act...

culturally reflexively

... which means to consider and systematically take into account different cultural orientations, perspectives styles and practices as well as power relations.

Working digitally and mediating communication technically has been part of our daily routine for decades due to our two locations and networked virtual work. We know and convey that it takes more than just mastering the tools and their functions.

A flexible approach to the VUCA world is the condition that lets companies, organizational units and teams learn and survive in the global economy. We therefore prefer to work with measures tailored to you to provide targeted impulses.

Wherever we engage and notwithstanding our unconditional professionalism, we remain tangible, authentic and lively personalities and support the empowerment of people. Human competencies – resources for humans – are needed in these turbulent times.

We live in a world in which the list of crises, trouble spots and ecological challenges to be mastered by mankind is currently getting longer and longer. All developments have an impact on the way we do business and live, both abroad and at home. We keep this in mind, reflect on privileges and consider the need for participation. The future is what I would have wanted to have done, if I had known what the consequences would be. This perspective also shapes our professional activities.

Complex challenges require complex solutions. We think "out of the box" and engage with creativity and art to draw from many dimensions.