MimeSys – open constellation group in presence and constellation work online

Since 2013 we offer open constellation evenings at regular intervals. They provide room for your concerns about professional issues and personal topics. Our group name is "MimeSys" in reference to the Greek word ‘mimesis’, which refers to the ability to achieve an effect by means of a physical gesture. The orthographic variation emphasizes our systemic approach.

Systemic constellation facilitators: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Nazarkiewicz, Kerstin Kuschik

To all those interested in constellation work, by popular demand, we are now simply continuing with the MimeSys constellation group, alternating presence and online group meetings.

We have gathered a lot of experience with different constellation forms that can be used online, and invite everyone who is interested to experience them for themselves.

Whoever has a case and is looking for an impulse or solution and would like to move forward, please contact us.

Please register for the appointment / MimeSys session by email to holger.finke[at]

You will then receive the access link by return.

More information – including dates and fees – can be found here:

current PDF

and here

MimeSys website (

Our offers for "virtual work”

(today and beyond)

Take advantage of our experience in global virtual collaboration and leadership and meet us remotely. We support managers and teams, live the "flipped classroom", and emphasize participant-centeredness. As our customer testimonials show, our style is close and interactive. With us, you experience our personal presence, paired with thorough information and an open exchange on par.

All offers are also available in other languages (e.g. English, French, Spanish and more).

Description of our offers on the topic of "virtual work” (in German)

Start 2022:

Continuing education "Intercultural coaching and culturally reflective accompaniment"

5 two-day modules + 1 one-day practical module (accompanied practice) in blended learning format

Location: Frankfurt am Main (face-to-face modules) + web-based (online modules)

If coaching is defined as a response to a dynamic, rapidly changing, complex and thus confusing world at the workplace and in the private sphere, coaches and consultants can no longer do without intercultural competencies. Both partners in coaching live and work in immigrant societies, may have an immigrant background, work in an international environment and deal with multicultural teams.

This advanced training program provides concepts, methods and competencies to enable experienced professionals to better support people in the globalized world of work and everyday life.

Facilitators: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Nazarkiewicz, Gesa Krämer

Course 2022 / 2023 – Information documents for download (in German):

"Better call Holger" – short-term PC and IT support

Do you need technical support and a collaborator at your side who can tackle IT challenges with experience, patience and a thirst for research? We will support you if you have questions and problems around the PC, e.g.

  • Software installation and setup
  • Setup of devices such as printers, scanners and webcams
  • Customizing the Windows operating system to your requirements
  • Updating the operating system, programs and drivers
  • Interpretating and correcting error messages
  • Tips and tricks that facilitate work with various programs
  • Layout/ formatting documents (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), calculations in Excel spreadsheets
  • PC security: virus protection, virtualization, encryption, choice of secure passwords
  • Setup of backup solutions for file/ document protection
  • Automation of frequently performed work steps on the PC
  • Buyer’s advice: criteria for selecting the right product for the intended use
  • Setup and use of video / telephone conferencing systems
  • Creation / maintenance of Prezi presentations
  • Implementing online courses on learning platforms (e.g. Moodle, Open Olat)

We communicate by phone or video conference and you describe your questions and problems to me, creating a list of tasks you need support with – or you are welcome to send them in advance via email.

I then connect to your computer via remote maintenance software and solve the problem. If you wish, you can follow everything on the screen or apply what you have learned yourself in the sense of "learning by doing".

Computer help for individuals is charged according to the time spent working at 49 € + VAT per hour of work.

Hotline PC support:
069 / 63 199 556